cement companies in kenya

The 7 Best Cement Companies in Kenya and Their Brands

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Demand for cement in Kenya has risen and continues to as more kenyans are building both in rural and urban areas.

Which companies manufacture cement to ensure the rising demand is met in the market? Let’s take a look…


cement companies in kenya

Bamburi Cement is East Africa’s leading cement company with a long and sound history of providing quality innovative construction solutions while being sustainable in its operations. 

Their brands include Nguvu, Powermax, Fundi, Duracem, Tembo e.t.c

Bamburi cement


east african portland cement

Since 1933 the East African Portland Cement Company has been among Kenya’s leading cement manufacturer producing world class cement.

Blue Triangle Cement, their flagship brand, is well appreciated all over Kenya as a symbol of quality and reliability. The nation’s historical structural icons, such as KICC, have been built using Blue Triangle Cement. The nation’s future structural icons, such as the Thika Superhighway and Chemususu Dam, have been built using Blue Triangle Cement.

blue triangle cement


savannah cement

Savannah Cement operates an eco-friendly cement grinding plant with a capacity of 2.4 million tons a year. The plant is strategically placed near Nairobi, which accounts for 50% of Kenya’s cement consumption. Savannah Cement is not only designed to make the best use of green technology, but is also focused on revolutionizing environmental management in the regional Cement Industry

Their brand is Savannah



images 3

Mombasa Cement Limited (MCL) has operating plants in Nairobi, Athi River and Kilifi but it is headquartered in Mombasa. Mombasa Cement Ltd is one of the largest manufacturer of cement in Eastern Africa, with the company controlling 20% of the market share in the Kenyan cement sector (2020)

Their cement brand is Nyumba

nyumba cement


national cement

Sensing the growing demand for Simba Cement (their brand), National Cement Company Limited expanded the grinding capacity by 5 times in 2013. 

National Cement achieved a major milestone in the cement industry back in 2019 when they acquired ARM Cement Limited’s operations in Kenya, the manufacturer of Rhino brand. 

rhino cement

Likewise, to minimize dependency on international market for supply of core raw material, they effectively use local resources with their clinker manufacturing plant at Merueshi, Kenya to manufacture quality products that Kenyans love today 

simba cement


karsan ramji & sons

Karsan Ramji & Sons have a cement plant with an average daily output ot 700 tonnes at Eugashura

Their cement brand is Ndovu

ndovu cement


rai cement

Rai Cement is a cement manufacturer based in Nyanza province.

They started commercial production in January 2017 and serves customers in the North Rift, South Rift, Nyanza and Western regions 

Rai Cement believes in providing the highest quality cement to the market, without any compromise.

Their cement brand is Dumu

rai cement

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  2. Sustainability, durability, consistency, Innovation and strength. That’s what makes Bamburi. Part of you from the start. They lead as the others follow.

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