What is Fundi Link

fundi :/ a swahili word that refers to someone who has mastered the skills of a particular trade.

Fundi Link is a service marketplace platform that enables clients to quickly and effectively find, evaluate and hire vetted and verified professional fundis. We give the fundis the ability to increase their online visibility and get their goods and services seen by clients.

Fundi Link is a registered company in Kenya under Fuli Africa Solutions Limited. Read more about our Vision & Mision below.

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Our Vision

Build a Thriving Africa

Fuli Africa – Empowering Communities, Advancing Solutions, and Inspiring Sustainable Progress for a Brighter Future.

Our Mission

Drive change

“Our mission at Fuli Africa is to drive positive change and foster sustainable development across the African continent. Through our innovative solutions and collaborative approach, we aim to tackle pressing challenges and create a better future for all Africans.”

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