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We aim to become the enterprise digital solutions provider to the antiquated construction industry in Kenya, Africa and beyond.

In addition, we provide online advertisement and markting solutions to all our fundis.

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Our database of fundis is growing very fast to enable us link customers with their fundis any where

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Any service you need, we have the best for the job on fundi link

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Available Fundis

icons8 plumber 60


Water should stay inside the pipe only. Don’t let a small leakage turn your house into a mess

icons8 plug 90


Worried about that spark, we have professional electricians who will shock you with their quality work

icons8 foundation 100


About time you build that house, we have the best bricklayers in your location

icons8 saw 100


that furniture you have always wanted, we have the best for you.

we assure you they will nail it

icons8 paint brush 64


we have wall and surface doctors who love bringing things back to life – you don’t need to call 911, just search on fundi link 🙂

icons8 hammer 90


any fundi, any where, any time.

our database is growing every day.