How Many Tiles are in a Box in Kenya

How many tiles are in a box? A box of tiles usually has between 4-25 pieces depending on manufacturer, size of a single tile and type of tile. Most of the times, the larger each individual tiles is, the less pieces come in a carton. Some boxes with porcelain tiles come with only two pieces and that is why why type of tiles matters. The following is an example of twyford tiles number of tiles in a box Table 1: Number of different tiles dimensions per box Important: When budgeting your tiling costs, your focus should be on the cost per square meter Table 2: Cost of common types of tiles in Ksh per square meter What area does one box cover? In order to calculate the area covered by a box of tiles: Calculate the area covered by each tile. Convert the dimensions to meters then multiply the two sides by each other. For example, 20cm x 30cm tiles would be 0.06 square meters (0.2m x 0.3m). Multiply the area per tile by the number of tiles in the carton. For example if there are 25 pieces of the tile above in the carton, the total coverage would be 1.5 square meters (0.06 x 25) Related Posts Why size of tiles matters What to consider when selecting the type of tiles for your home. Or use our tile calculator Use Now Find the best tilers near you search

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