Why You Should Hire a Local Fundi

today we are going to break down the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a local handyman for your next repair or home improvement project. These Local handymen/fundis are mostly self taught professionals that have vast experience and knowledge in their fields. First Let us look at the disadvantages of hiring a local fundi 1. INSECURITY Finding a local fundi without a referee can be dangerous in terms of security. As the employer you will not feel safe around the fundi as well as about the handyman/fundi around your family and property.  This is the main disadvantage that troubles most people looking for handyman services. Fortunately, there is Fundi Link now, and you can request a vetted professional fundi/handyman in 3 simple steps. Some of the Perks of hiring a local fundi include: advertisement 1. RELIABILITY as the handymen are locally sourced, they are very accessible and reliable. You can access their services even in emergencies 1. AFFORDABILITY Another very important advantage is that you are able to negotiate with a handyman to find a fee each party is comfortable with unlike construction companies that mostly charge per hour. 1. MULTI SKILLED Many handymen/fundis have extensive experience which helps them accumulate expertise on different fields. for example you can find find a plumber who can repair furniture or find an electrician who is also a mason.  These combinations can help you save time and money as a fundi can take care of your multiple repairs in a single session and add a fair amount of money for the extra job. advertisement fundi link helps you get access to professional fundis/handymen near you or anywhere across Kenya according to your needs. simply search and contact a fundi you like. Recommended Fundi Profiles Jmutua Emirate Aluminium Blue Moon Great Oakim

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